2018 - Present

FX Signal Provider | EDISOHO

This year I started to sell my trading signal at mql5.com & Signalstart.com. I also developed my own website EDISOHO.COM

2016 - 2017

Full time trader

I became full time trade for 1 year after I can consistently stay profitable in Forex. A lot of researches had been done in this year and I later developed my winning strategy which I share in the e-book of “MY BUSINESS IN FOREX”

Part Timer Trader


“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”
Thomas A. Edison

I tried many different strategies, failed so many times during my learning curve, but I didnt give up, I know I just found 10,000 way to trade that wont works.


Start Forex

I started forex trading way much earlier than most people. Before it become popular in this country (Malaysia).

About Me

Hi, I am Edisoho. I am an full time trader. Edisoho actually stand for Edison’s small office home office. I been trading for about 13 years. Over the years I had developed my own trading strategy with my way of money management that enable me to consistent making money just trading forex at home.

I then started to sell my trading signal to help other people who would like to make extra money from forex market but have no clue how to do it.


Technical analysis 82%
Elliott Waves 70%
Risk Management 90%
Fundamental analysis 30%